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Trail running is not trail running without the support crews and spectators that bring the events to life! We encourage spectating and supporting all around each of our courses, but we do have a few notes for you to ensure you're across for race day. If you're a spectator or support crew, have a read below to make sure you're clued up come race day.



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Follow your friends on the Kosci Event App with athlete tracking, and receive notifications when they cross timing mats.
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  • The runner is responsible for the actions of their support crew. Support crews must comply with all instructions from event staff, road marshals and officials. The runner may be penalised or disqualified for actions or breaches of the rules by their support crew.
  • Support crews must obey all road rules and drive within the speed limits. Please ensure that support crew get sufficient rest and are not tired when driving.
  • Support crews must not eat the runner food provided at checkpoints (runners only).
  • Outside assistance is only permitted at the designated Checkpoints. Runners must not receive outside assistance at any other points on course. Assistance from event staff is fine.
  • Support crews and spectators are not permitted to run with runners or as pace runners, other than those designated pacers as per the pacer rules.
  • Support crews are not allowed to enter the event course to collect runners.
  • The event organisers are not responsible for the safety or whereabouts of support crew.


Spectators can view runners up at various points on course. Many points are located within the NSW National Park, and will require a Parks Pass to be able to drive into and access. Any cars driving into the National Park (which the finish line and many of the CPs is inside) will need a NSW Parks Pass (day or annual), which can be purchased at Park Information Centres or at the toll gates while entering the park.

Further details can be found here


Visit the transport & parking page for shuttle bus info and venue access details.