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Bringing the alpine ultra experience to Australia, the Kosci100 takes you through alpine meadows and snow gum bush, as well as to the summit of Australia’s highest peak – Mt Kosciuszko

Race Category


Running Stones


Finals Access


107 KM

Elevation Gain

3100 M+

Start Date

Friday 29th November 2024

Race Start

Perisher Ski Resort - 07:00

Max Allowed Race Time

28 Hours



Whether you’re tackling triple digits for the first time or are an experienced ultra-junkie – the Kosci100 is a delight. Super runnable trails will keep a smile firmly attached to your face while they take you through alpine meadows and past granite outcrops, through crystal clear streams and over the summit of Australia’s highest point – Mt Kosciuszko. With unrivalled support crew access, an epic social buzz and a highly achievable course, this is 100km of trail running bliss you won’t want to miss.


Kosci100 FRIDAY 29 NOVEMBER 2024
ENTRY INCLUSIONS Race entry, athlete t-shirt, finisher medal, finisher gift, fully stocked checkpoints, drop bag service, on-course medical support and assistance, course photography (able to purchase during rego).
TRANSPORT Shuttle services will be available to the start venue. Details on the Transport & Parking page.
MANDATORY GEAR All runners must carry mandatory gear during the race. Details are on the Mandatory Gear page.
MINIMUM AGE 18 years of age on race day
FIRST FINISHER 8hr 16min (3:16pm)
FINAL FINISHER 28 hours (11:00am, Saturday)
TIMING RESULTS The following age divisions for both male and female will be used for race results (age on race day will be used determine your age division): 18-19, 20-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85+
AWARDS & PRIZES 1st place overall male and female in Kosci100 - $750 (AUD).
10 fastest male and females receive a trophy
5 fastest male and females receive free entry to the following year’s event.
Trophies will be awarded to 1st in each division
UTMB World Series ws100KM
The Kosci100 is a UTMB Worlds Series 100K Event. Finishers of Kosci100 will receive 3 running stones.


Made with both the 100km first timer and ultra-endurance junkie in mind, the Kosci100 course is about as fun as 100km running can get.

Starting in the ski hub of Perisher, the Kosci100 takes on epic trails, with stunning views and a true alpine experience.

Runners will complete a small starting loop before hitting the Snowies Alpine Walk, connecting them along the ridgeline overlooking the Thredbo Valley as they traverse up to Charlotte Pass.

From here runners ascend to the Summit of Mt Kosciuszko, the highest point on Mainland Australia, before making their way out along the Main Range Walking Track towards Guthega.

From here, they'll make their way back round to Perishers via Smiggin Holes, before descending down the new Perisher to Bullocks track into Bullocks flat, before the final jaunt up the valley to Thredbo.

It's not over just yet, as runners complete a loop of the Thredbo Ski area to complete their 107km journey!


*Maps subject to change, and may change for reasons outside of the Race Orgaisers control. Select the Time Charts tabs to view the cut-off times for leaving the relevant checkpoint. Time Charts show estimated fastest and slowest times for each race leg and should be used as a guide only. Where the slowest times are greater than cut-off time, the cut-off time will supersede the slowest expected estimates. If you miss the cut-off then you must follow the directions of officials. Please note that in bad weather conditions, cut-offs may need to be brought forward during the event.

Open Kosci100 course in Capra


All the information you need to know before starting an extraordinary adventure.


The Kosci100 has checkpoints along its route, with differing levels of service, support crew access and supplies. The Kosci100 checkpoints offer you the opportunity to refuel, rehydrate, see your support crew and prepare for the next leg of your journey!
Read more about checkpoints


A drop bag service will be available which allows you to have your own personal supplies (gels, food, change of socks, shoes, shorts, lubricant, etc.) available at certain check points or at the finish. Please see the time charts above for information on which checkpoints have drop bags.
Read the rules on drop bags


Every runner at Kosci will have to carry mandatory gear. The mandatory gear list contains what we believe is the absolute minimum to keep you safe during the event and in the Snowy Mountain’s unpredictable weather systems. For Kosci100 runners, your gear will need to be checked pre-race.
Read Mandatory Gear rules


The Kosci100 course is publically accessible throughout the year , offering the opportunity to train on course prior to raceday. However note that many sections are covered in snow in the colder months.

Please take care and give way to members of the general public when training on course.
Read about Training & Nutrition


We love support crews almost as much as our runners at Ultra-Trail Kosciuszko by UTMB – you are always the most colourful (and loudest!) and a huge part of the magical atmosphere of the whole weekend.

You also have the very important job of getting your runners to the finish line.

First job for support crew is to read the support crew section in the Runner Guide, available one month before the event. It contains important information you will need to know for the event.

To keep the event manageable as well as fair and safe for all athletes, and to make sure support crews do not get lost, there is some information that support crews need to know.

  • Support crews are allowed to assist runners at all Checkpoints marked above as supported.
  • Support crews can access Eagles Nest waterpoint via the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift. You can book lift passes here.
  • Support crews may only assist their runners within 200m either side of the checkpoints. Support Crews cannot run alongside their runners at any point on the course outside of the checkpoints.
  • Pacers are not allowed for athletes in the 100k distance.

For more helpful information please visit the Transport & Parking page and Spectators page.