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22nd February 2024

2024 Course Updates

Hey runners, as we’re gearing up for entries opening next week, we wanted to give you a heads up about our course plans for 2024.

We’ve got some exciting new developments planned for the 2024 event, thanks to some newly finished trails in the area that we’re excited to take runners on, as well as taking learnings and listening to feedback from the 2023 event on what you liked and what you didn’t.

We had hoped to be in a place to be able to share these in advance of entries opening for 2024, however as is the way with events, we have to make sure we tick all the boxes before we release courses to the public, and we still have a few more boxes to tick before we can do that.

We want to be as open as we can about what you can expect for the 2024 event ahead of entries opening, so here’s what we can say for now:

  • KosciMiler, Kosci100 and Kosci50 courses will be of a similar nature to 2023 in terms of distance, within 8% of the category distance (100M, 100K, 50K).
  • Total elevation gain for the Kosci100 and KosciMiler will increase by between 5-10% from 2023
  • Total elevation gain for the Kosci50 will decrease by around 20% from 2023
  • In order to fit in the best trails, the Kosci27 will become the Kosci30 – a 30km race with significantly less elevation gain than 2023.
  • Overall cutoff time for all races will remain the same, and cutoff pace for all races will remain the same as 2023.
  • The proposed courses will see a significant decrease in the amount of sealed surface used, particularly in the Kosci100 and KosciMiler.
  • The number of Aid Stations on course will remain similar for all distances as 2023.
  • The number of support crew access points for the KosciMiler and Kosci100 will remain similar to 2023.
  • The finish line for all distances will remain at Friday Flat in Thredbo.
  • The start lines for all distances will be shifting in 2024 to new locations, all within the Snowy Mountains area.
  • We will be running shuttle buses for all distances to all start lines from Thredbo and Jindabyne – these will be available to book through your MyEvents account. All start lines will have plenty of parking for supporters.
  • The best places to book accommodation are Thredbo or Jindabyne.

Overall – the nature or vibe of the courses we’re trying to create will be the same – amazing scenery, happy trails, and ultimately a challenging but achievable event.

We are working closely with stakeholders to lock these in, and we hope to communicate these with you as soon as possible to help with your preparation and planning. Stay tuned for updates and we’ll share them with you as soon as we can!

The team is super excited about these course developments, and we can’t wait to share the trails with you this year!

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